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Flange Mount Flange Mount Metric

Many applications require longer lift shafts, or jacks that are connected together with a common shaft that is a significant distance apart. Resonance Frequency can cause the lift shaft or link shaft to oscillate and whip, shortening the life of the lift shaft or dislodge the link shafting from its coupling. Radial Support Bearings are used to provide radial support for the lift shaft on rotating style screw jacks, as well as the link shafting products. By adding Radial Support Bearings, you can increase the effective speed of the lift shaft or link shafting

The Flange Mount allows for perpendicular mounting with respect to the axis of rotation.

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Details Product Compatibility Selection
Product Bore Diameter [mm] BSJ MSJ SS-MSJ EM-BSJ EM-MSJ Bevel Link Shafting
EZCF204 20 2.5/2.5HL-BSJ - - EM2.5-BSJ - G1 - Specs Configure/Quote
EZCF205 25 5/5HL/10/10HL-BSJ - - EM5-BSJ EM5-MSJ G2 - Specs Configure/Quote
EZCF206 30 - - - EM10-BSJ EM10-MSJ - - Specs Configure/Quote
EZCF208 40 - - - - - - LJT-40 Specs Configure/Quote
EZCF209 45 20/20HL-BSJ - - EM-20-BSJ EM20-MSJ G3 - Specs Configure/Quote
EZCF210 50 - - - - - - LJT-50 Specs Configure/Quote
EZCF212 60 30/30HL-BSJ - - - - - LJT-60 Specs Configure/Quote