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Loading a Standard Ball Nut Video II

When Arbor Will NOT Slide Over The Machined Journal.

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Material Needed: Wire Snips, Masking Tape, and Calculator

  1. Remove the tie strap from the ball nut arbor assembly Take care to make not to displace the arbor allowing bearings to become displaced.
  2. Determine the direction of the ball nut will face with respect to the 'v' thread or flange face and the machined journals of the ball screw.
  3. Determine that the arbor will not fit over the bearing journal.
  4. Determine the diameter of the machined journal compared to the arbor supplied with the ball nut and calculate the size difference. You can use standard masking tape to increase the journal size to match the diameter of the arbor. It works best if you measure the thickness of the tape and calculate the amount of revolution needed prior to taping the journal.
  5. Wrap tap over the machined journal to increase its diameter. Make sure the tape is clean and smooth, and to the correct diameter allowing for proper transfer of ball nut onto the threaded portion of the ball screw.
  6. Slide the ball nut and arbor over the taped journal surface and roll the ball nut onto the screw, making sure not to displace any of the ball bearings located in the ball nut.
  7. Roll the ball nut back and forth along the screw to insure free circulation of bearings. If any bearings were misplaced during the assembly process you should be able to feel with your hand a stick or skidding of the ball bearings within the ball nut.