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Screw Jack Accessories

Nook Industries offers many accessories to accommodate specific applications. From motor mounts to limit switches to lubricant, Nook has the jack accessories to realize the linear motion needs of any application.

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Screw Jack Accessories

Control Panels

Nook control panels are designed to match the motor when shipped from the factory. The control panels are acceptable to use in most industrial environments (including automotive). Functionality of the control panel can be customized to match any application. Spare parts are readily available.


  • Matches the motor with no design time required
  • Acceptable to use in most industrial environments (including automotive)
  • Interconnects with other safety/control systems

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Lubricant & Paints


Nook Industries lubricants are formulated specifically for each product and designed for peak performance in most application environments. NLGI #2 grease is formulated for both high and low temperature application.

ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jacks require lubrication to operate efficiently and with maximum life. Lubricants are available for both high and low temperature application. If operating conditions exceed 200°F or -20°F, contact Nook Industries for alternative lubricants.

The jack gear boxes are shipped pre-greased unless otherwise specified. Before operating any unit, check the lubricant level. All jack housings are furnished with a grease fitting.


ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jacks are painted with a unique enamel color blend. Available in 9 oz. aerosol cans in three different colors:

  • Blue P-5100-25
  • Red P-5100-26
  • White P-5100-27

We can provide alternative colors and epoxy paints upon request, including specific mil spec paints.

Miter Gearbox & Handwheels

Miter Gearbox

Jacks may be used in multiple arrangements by connecting shafting, couplings and gear boxes to simultaneously transmit power to the input shafts. Miter Gearboxes are available in three sizes and straight bevel or spiral bevel gear sets.


A handwheel is a convenient solution for manually operating a jack when using machine screw jacks in intermittent positioning applications. Handwheels are available in a range of diameters from 4 to 10 inches and can be adapted for use on jacks from the MJ series up to the 20 ton capacity model.

NOTE: Handwheels do not include a brake and therefore are not for use with ball screw jacks. When using handwheels with a jack that can backdrive (12:1 and lower) an additional locking mechanism may be required to prevent "creep".

Flexible Coupling

Jacks used alone or in multiple arrangements require couplings to transmit power to the input shaft. Nook Industries provides jaw type and flex type couplings for use with jacks.

Line Shafting

ActionJac™ LinkJac™ Line Shafting is used to interconnect the input shafts of ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jacks used in a multiple arrangement. The shafts transfer the torque from the motor to the jack or from jack to jack. LinkJac™ is available in either steel Line Shafting available in standard lengths up to 144", or in aluminum Tubular Shafting with bonded journals of stainless steel available in lengths up to 196". Custom end machining and other diameters are available. Contact Nook Industries for information.

Radial Support Bearings

Many applications require longer lift shafts, or jacks that are connected together with a common shaft that is a significant distance apart. Resonance Frequency can cause the lift shaft or link shaft to oscillate and whip, shortening the life of the lift shaft or dislodge the link shafting from its coupling. Radial Support Bearings are used to provide radial support for the lift shaft on rotating style screw jacks, as well as the link shafting products. By adding Radial Support Bearings, you can increase the effective speed of the lift shaft or link shafting

The Base mount allow for in-line mounting with respect to the axis or rotation.

Limit Switches

Rotary Limit Switches

Every motorized Worm Gear Screw Jack must be controlled so that power to the motor is turned off and the brake engaged before the limits of mechanical travel are reached. The ActionJac™ rotary limit switch senses extension shaft rotation and provides switch contact closures that can be used to control motors.

The ActionJac™ rotary limit switch assembly is mounted to the extension shaft side of the ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jack opposite the input.

Compact Limit Switch (CLS)

Every motorized Worm Gear Screw Jack must be controlled so that power to the motor is turned off and the brake engaged before the limits of mechanical travel are reached. The ActionJac™ Compact Limit Switch (CLS) senses extension shaft rotation and provides switch contact closures that can be used to control motors.

Sensors, Encoders & Counters


The Nook Sensor System™ (NSS) is designed to meet the need for low cost position sensing on worm-gear screw jacks. It is highly accurate, with repeatability up to ± .004" (0.1mm). The patented design allows users to install and adjust sensors on a single screw jack and integrate easily with a motion control system. Since there is zero maintenance, the Nook Sensor System™ helps control screw jack systems in ways that have never before been possible.


For precise position sensing at the input shaft, an ActionJac™ in-line encoder option may be factory installed between the motor and motor adapter or Right-Angle Reducer. This low cost option requires minimal space, leaving the extension shaft side of the jack free for clearance, for a rotary limit switch, or for coupling to another jack.

The in-line encoder's quadrature output design allows detection of both speed and direction of shaft rotation.


For precise position display, a range of digital position indicators are
available for use with ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jacks. These
indicators measure the rotation of the input shaft and display a
corresponding position in a counter window.

RA Reducers, Brake Motors & Trunnion Adapters

RA Reducers

The High Efficiency Right-Angle Reducer is a compact, high quality worm gear reducer enclosed in an aluminum casted housing. The reducer mounts directly to the input side of the jack. Motors mount quill-style to a standard NEMA C-face. The High Efficiency Right-Angle Reducers are non-vented, oil filled, and maintenance free. They are rated at 85% or greater efficiency - allowing for a smaller drive and motor when compared with standard efficiency right-angle reducers.

Brake Motors

ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw jacks and Electric Cylinders can be supplied with industrial quality. They include a spring actuated, electrically released braking mechanism that holds a load when the power is off. In normal operation, power is applied and removed to the motor windings and brake release simultaneously.

Motors can either be supplied with the brake wired externally to accommodate speed controllers, or internally for simplicity of use.

Trunnion Adapters

Nook ActionJac™ Trunnion adapter plates allow for easy installation in applications where the jack moves through an arc during operation. These jacks are typically configured with motor mounts or right angle reducers.

Trunnion adapter plates bolt to the jack flange and have precision bores for trunnion pins.

Bellow Boots

Bellows boots are available for all sizes and configurations of ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jacks. A boot protects the lifting shaft from contamination and helps retain lubricant to ensure long jack life.

Standard boots are sewn from black neoprene-covered nylon fabric
for oil, water and weather resistance and are acceptable for use in
-30° to +300°F environments. Optional materials are available for
specific operating conditions