A Cleaner and More Efficient Solution for Agriculture and Food Production Equipment


Agriculture and Food Production are two key areas that will receive significantly more focus on a global perspective as we emerge from our current situation. More efficient farming, harvesting, and production are critical to keeping stocked shelves, refrigerators, and freezers in our supermarkets going forward.

As agriculture and food equipment manufactures prepare for this upcoming situation by upgrading and re-designing their machines, it is important to consider some distinct advantages that modern electric linear actuators have over traditional hydraulic systems.

PA Series Programmable Actuator

Companies within the agricultural segment operate ranches, greenhouses, farms, and orchards. They also perform other operations such as reforestation.

Electric Linear actuators provide increased flexibility for a variety of modern-day farming and agricultural applications. This includes both delicate and precise operations as well as rugged heavy duty operations in all weather conditions. Equipment manufactures require solutions that are flexible while being easy to integrate. Increased worker safety is also a growing concern among these equipment manufacturers.




Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance, Easy Installation

Hydraulics actuators have historically been regarded as "a heavyweight" for their ability to perform high force operations under very heavy pressures. However, unlike hydraulic actuators, electric linear actuators do not utilize hoses, pumps, or toxic fluids. We explore some of the advantages they have over hydraulic systems in further detail below.

Electric Actuator Advantages

  • No Toxic and Slippery Fluid Spills - They do not require fluids for operation. This makes them very Eco-Friendly as there is no risk of harming the environment. This is especially critical where food harvesting is concerned.
  • Improved Efficiency - These devices are also Eco-Friendly in another way. They require less power consumption and ultimately save energy. The screw technology is >90% efficient.
  • Compact Design - Because they do not require hoses or pumps, electric linear actuator systems consume less space (maximizing your equipment footprint).
  • Easy Installation - Again, there are no hoses, pumps, or messy fluids to deal with. Just bolt on the electric actuator and connect power.
  • Accurate and Precise Control - These actuators are safer because they can hold load in place if the power fails. They also have programmable speeds for increased accuracy and smoother operation. In addition, programmable stop positions on these actuators significantly reduce wear while dramatically increasing service life. Electric actuators can stop at any position along their length. Feedback sensing options provide sensor feedback on the motion and force applied to the actuator. This allows greater control over the motion and positioning accuracy.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership - Electric actuators provide trouble free operation without maintenance. This ultimately results in a significant cost savings over time.
  • Faster Acceleration - More rapid acceleration coupled with smooth, non-stick movement also contribute to better overall performance.



Actuators Utilized in Spreader Application


And as always with the Nook brand, they come standard with outstanding durability, reliability, and long service life.


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