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Screw Lubricant

Acme screw and ball screw accessories including specialized lubricants for optimal performance and reliability.


Nook Industries lubricants are formulated specifically for each product and designed for peak performance in most application environments.

Acme Screw Lubricant

PAG-1 Grease & E-100 Aerosol Spray

Prolong Reliability and Life

Proper lubrication is the key to continued performance and reliability of acme screw assemblies. Use E-100 spray and PAG-1 grease lubricants to maximize life of your acme screw assembly.


  • Sheer Stability
  • High Temperature Resistant
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Separation Resistant
  • Extreme Pressure Properties
  • Shelf Stable
  • Water Resistant

Ball Screw Lubricant

E-900 Oil Lubricant & E-900L Aerosol Spray

Protects Against Inter-ball Friction, Wear and Corrosion

E-900 Ball Screw Lubricant may be used on both rolled and ground thread ball screws. E-900 will provide a lasting film for wear protection and resistance to corrosion. With an operating range of -65° to +375°F, E-900 has low starting torque characteristics and helps reduce inter-ball friction in ball screw assemblies.

For optimum results the ball screw should be in good repair and free of dirt and grease. Used regularly, E-900 will extend the life of ball screw assemblies. It should be applied generously on the entire length of the screw. In addition, E-900 will prolong the useful life of ball bearing splines, bearings, anti-friction bearings, and other rolling element products.