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Your trusted partner for a wide variety of aerospace applications.



Rigorous Process Control

Several leading contractors trust Nook because our products are produced using premium quality materials and rigorous process control (all in one U.S. based facility).

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Key Certifications

  • ISO:9001 Certified
  • 9100:16 Certified
  • ITAR Registered



Aircraft Sub-Systems & Components

Nook mechanical components are ideal for aircraft sub-system components due to their ability to run on any power source. In addition, they eliminate the need for extraneous hardware such as pumps, hoses, filters, piping, etc...


Advantages Include

  • Low power consumption
  • Smaller drive train components
  • Weight savings
  • Minimized wear
  • Low maintenance
  • Fail-safe operation


Typical Applications


Wing Flap Actuation

Nook ball screws provide high efficiency to allow for smaller components by minimizing power needed for full flap extension. Safety is also a key factor as they can be reverse driven when the wing flap is overloaded (preventing wing damage).

Flight Simulators

The ease of synchronization with a single drive motor, high repeatability, and predictable life make Nook ball screws the ideal solution for flight simulators. 

Canopy Actuators

Nook electric cylinders equipped with ball screws provide a reliable and efficient means for raising and lowering aircraft canopies. 

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Aircraft Sub-Systems & Components
Aircraft Assembly Platforms and Maintenance Stands (MRO)

Aircraft Assembly Platforms and Maintenance Stands (MRO)

Nook has proven experience in the development of sophisticated maintenance stands required for annual aircraft maintenance and aircraft assembly lines.


System Features

  • Increased safety
  • Long vertical travel under heavy loads
  • Fast acceleration and de-docking time


Nook components offer the ideal combination of efficiency, low power requirements, and cost.

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Ground Support and Boarding

Safety, Smoothness, and Accuracy


Electro-mechanical devices can control bridge movements with ease and accuracy, without compromising safety. The equipment used to make this experience more efficient and enjoyable for passengers is just as important as the airplane itself. Passengers must securely board a variety of aircraft designs (and door heights) indoors away from the outside elements. 

Nook's innovative ball screw designs are ideal for this application due to their integral safety ball nut that . In the event of a ball nut failure prevents the structure from falling in an inadvertent failure. Nook ball screws provide a high efficiency, low torque solution with high repeatability and outstanding positioning accuracy. 

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Ground Support and Boarding
Rockets, Satellites, and Launch Systems

Rockets, Satellites, and Launch Systems

Reduce pre-launch preparation times


Tactical launching applications for spacecraft demand complete reliability under all possible operating conditions. This equipment must raise multi-ton equipment into firing position smoothly, safely, and shock free.

Why are Nook ball screws ideal for these applications?

  • Reliability. The inherent screw principles designed into our screws has proven itself on several successful missions spanning several decades. 
  • Efficiency. Low friction facilitates >90% allows for extremely smooth operation in remote launch sites under the most demanding conditions such as subzero frozen wastelands, blazing desert heat, or 100% jungle humidity.
  • Simplicity. Can rely on manual operation in case of power failure.

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