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Acme Screw Load Definitions

Acme Screw Load Definitions

Static Load

The maximum thrust load - including shock - that should be applied to a non-moving PowerAc™ Acme nut assembly. Actual maximum static load may be reduced based on end machining and screw mounting hardware.

Dynamic Load

The maximum recommended thrust load which should be applied to the PowerAc™ Acme screw and nut assembly while in motion.

Tension Load

A load that tends to "stretch" the screw. 

Compression Load

A load that tends to "squeeze" the screw.


Overturning Load

A load that tends to rotate the nut radially around the longitudinal axis of the screw. 

Side Load

A load that is applied radially to the nut.

Thrust Load

A load parallel to and concentric with the axis of the screw.


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