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  • Super-low motor noise offers excellent quietness
  • Self-test and Auto-configuration technology offers optimum performance for different motors
  • Options to set output current and micro step resolutions via DIP switch
  • Automatic idle-current reduction
  • Over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protections
  • Fault out prevents damages to your machines or the materials
  • Soft-start with no “jump” when powered on


By implementing the latest motion control technologies, NM-8078 DSP-based stepper drive delivers unmatched performance. Unique features of sensorless stall detection, extra smoothness, and excellent high speed performance make this stepper drive deliver servo-like performance at the cost of stepper drives. It is capable of delivering high performance without damaging your machine or materials. 


NM-8078 stepper drive is suitable for driving a wide range of 2-phase stepper motors, from NEMA frame size 17 to 34. Typical applications include CNC routers, laser cutters, laser markers, medical equipment, X-Y tables, and measurement equipment.

  • Drive Only, controller supplied separately.