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Factory Automation

Nook's linear motion products enhance efficiency, safety, equipment performance and process while maximizing asset utilization.

Faster Speeds with Greater Accuracy

Customized automation system solutions are increasingly required in order to complete specific automation tasks relating to Industry 4.0. Nook specializes in custom designed automation solutions with the superior quality, unmatached reliability, and minimal maintenance that ultimately enhance the productivity of your equipment due to reduced down time.

Precision Assembly Operations

Precision Assembly Operations

Ease of synchronization provides an inherent advantage in producing sound welds while eliminating hypercritical settings to provide unmatched precision. Nook linear motion systems provide smooth, frictionless travel at all carriage speeds, plus reliable, trouble free service coupled with minimal maintenance. Mechanical actuation also helps to reduce floor space.

Typical Applications

  • Welding
  • Soldering
  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Painting

Advantages Include

  • Low Noise and Low Maintenance
  • Long Travelling Distances
  • Higher Speeds
  • Compact Design
  • Long Service Life 
  • High Load Capacity
  • Low Weight
  • Maximum Precision

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Industrial Robotics

Industrial robots must consistently carry out highly dynamic and automated motion sequences at a consistently high level of precision. Especially now in the digital age of Industry 4.0, the requirements placed on customized and flexible robotic systems with ever expanding work areas are a high priority. Nook modular actuators are specifically designed for this purpose.

Advantages Include

  • Low noise, low vibration, and low maintenance
  • Long travelling distances
  • Speeds up to 8 m/s and acceleration up to 10 m/s²
  • Space saving compact design
  • Long service life and high load capacity
  • High drive stiffness
  • Low weight
  • Aluminum profile with hardened and anodized surface
  • Resistant to environmental influences (dust or abrasive materials)

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Industrial Robotics
Assembly, Packaging & Sorting

Assembly, Packaging & Sorting

Nook products are ideal for automated assembly machines that require high reliability, efficiency, and positioning accuracy to reduce manufacturing costs by generating higher production rates.

Typical Applications

  • Automotive
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Large Scale Production Lines


Advantages Include

  • Unlimited Customization
  • High Speed and Acceleration
  • Trouble-Free Operation (High Throughput)
  • Maximum Precision
  • Outstanding and Accessible Technical Support
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio

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Test and Measurement

Nook products optimize automated test and measurement operations with stepless control and continuous positioning of the drive and stage while providing highly accurate linear motion in both X and Y axes.

Modular linear actuators can be used as a single axis solution or assembled for a multitude of gantry XY and XYZ positioning duties for various inspection and test applications.

Case Study

Test and Measurement
Printing and Scanning

Printing and Scanning

Nook provides the accuracy, high speed and flexibility with minimal engineering effort for printing, labeling and scanning operations. This includes gantry systems with linear guide and ball screw components utilized on conveyors with visual recognition systems that transport items of varying size for printing (or scanning) while in motion.

3D printing is ideal when conventional manufacturing has reached its limits. These manufacturing processes are often used in prototype construction, for components with a high degree of customization, and with complicated geometries. 

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