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Agriculture & Forestry

Companies within this industry harvest timber and operate ranches, greenhouses, farms, and orchards. They perform agricultural operations such as reforestation, cutting timber, and transporting timber to sawmills. 

Environmentally Sustainable Solutions

Nook's environmentally sustainable solutions improve forestry and farming equipment by boosting overall performance and production while improving safety.


Linear Actuators in Agriculture

Linear actuators provide increased flexibility for a variety of modern day farming and agricultural applications. This includes both delicate and precise operations as well as rugged heavy duty operations. Equipment manufactures require solutions that are flexible while being easy to integrate.

Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance, Easy Installation

  • Unlike hydraulic actuators, electric linear actuators do not utilize hoses or pumps. This results in:
  • No Oil Spills
  • Improved Efficiency (Low Power Consumption)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Compact Design (No Hoses or Pumps) facilitates easy installation

And as always with the Nook brand, they come standard with outstanding durability, reliability and long service life.


Replacing Hydraulics with Electric Linear Actuators in Agriculture