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Nook is widely recognized in the transportation industry as a trusted innovator of linear motion solutions for both OEM and suppliers. 

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Safe and Reliable Motion in Demanding Conditions

Our products provide unparalleled performance and safety in the adverse environmental conditions typically associated with transportation applications. Nook's innovative ball screw designs are ideal for this application due to their integral safety ball nut. In the event of a ball nut failure, it prevents the structure from falling in an inadvertent failure. Nook ball screws provide a high efficiency, low torque solution with high repeatability and outstanding positioning accuracy. 

Utility & Construction Vehicles

Durable and dependable motion for specialized vehicles.

Nook linear solutions are ideal for lifting, turning, and controlling the motion of the large devices mounted on mobile vehicles. Nook actuators easily resolve the weight and motion-control issues of hydraulic-based systems while being environmentally friendly, efficient, and cost-effective for the mobile vehicle. Mechanical actuators driven by an electric motor can provide a self-contained, lightweight, low maintenance solution.


  • Tractors
  • Garbage trucks
  • Truck cranes
  • Road sweepers, Road grabbers
  • Diggers, Excavators, Dumpers
  • Bulldozers, Forklift trucks, Road rollers
  • Cranes

Bus, Railway, and Shipping

Ease and accuracy, without compromising safety.

Nook is widely recognized in the transportation industry as a trusted innovator of linear motion solutions for the opening and closing of passenger and cargo doors on virtually every type of vehicle. In this industry, performance, speed and safety are key factors. Our products provide unparalleled performance in the adverse environmental conditions typically associated with these applications. 

Electro-mechanical devices can control bridge movements with ease and accuracy, without compromising safety. This makes the travel  experience more efficient and enjoyable for passengers. Passengers must securely board a variety of vehicle designs (and door heights) indoors away from the outside elements.


Nook products provide safety, accurate positioning, high efficiency, and rugged durability when lifting or positioning heavy loads with ease for a multitude of maintenance applications. Ideal motion for balancing heavy loads in position while smoothly raising or lowering them.

  • Passenger Doors
  • Passenger Boarding Platforms
  • Vehicle or Ship Maintenance Stands
  • Mobile Maintenance Vehicles
  • Engine Hoists and Vehicle Lifts
  • Train and Rail Yard Cranes
  • Shipping Docks and Yards
  • Cargo Truck Container Lifts
  • Ship Hoists and Lifts

Winning performance on land and sea.

Automotive, Trucks, and Marine



  • Engines Controls
  • Braking Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Steering Controls
  • Drive Mechanisms
  • Vehicle Accessories
  • Trailer Hitches and Lifts

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Tire Manufacturing

Increases in global competition, the demand for replacement tires, and factory automation have led to recent industry growth. This industry specializes in the manufacturing of automotive and aircraft tires, inner tubes as well as tire repair materials.

Nook offers advanced process controls for more fuel and cost efficient solutions for the manufacturing of automotive and aircraft tires, inner tubes and repair materials. Experienced Nook engineers assist customers worldwide in the design of their machinery to optimize performance in manufacturing lower cost tire products. 


  • Strip Builders
  • Tire Tread Measurement
  • Strip Wrappers
  • Roll Lathes and Grinders
  • Profile Inspection Systems
  • Bead Assembling
  • Tread and Sidewall Extruders
  • Balance & Force Inspection