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Loading A Standard Ball Nut Video I

With External Returns and When No Arbor Is Available.

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This method is only effective on standard ball nuts with external returns that are retained with a standard clip assembly.

Material needed: Alan Wrench Set, dowels Pins:

  1. Remove the retaining clip and the return tube(s) from the ball nut.
  2. Position the Ball nut on the ball screw Shaft. Using dowels that have an O.D. comparable to the diameter of the Ball Bearings, center the Ball Nut grooves with the shaft grooves by inserting dowels into each of the Ball Nut return circuit ports.
  3. Having the ball return holes up, then fill the circuit with Ball Bearings. Turning the screw in the Ball Nut will aid in feeding the Ball Bearings into the groove. Fill the circuit complete with ball bearings ensuring that the bearings to not go past the port on either side of the circuit.
  4. Fill the Return Tubes with Ball Bearings and carefully insert the tube into the ball nut.
  5. Replace top of Return Tube and secure it with retaining clip.
  6. Roll the ball nut back and forth along the screw to insure free circulation of bearings. If any bearings were misplaced during the assembly process you should be able to feel with your hand a stick or skidding of the ball bearings within the ball nut.