Electric Linear Actuators in Solar Trailers

Solar trailers are stand-alone power systems that use solar technology to provide continuous and reliable power to remote site loads. 

An alternative to traditional generators

As fuel prices climb, the efficiency and affordability of off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems continue increase. This makes solar-electric power a competitive and smart alternative. The best fossil fuel generator may last several years; however a mobile solar generator can produce reliable power for 30 years and beyond. Solar trailers provide an environmentally friendly way of producing power, and can also be a valuable long-term investment.

Given many recent advances in solar panel technology, electric linear actuators have proven to be an excellent way to supply linear motion for solar tracking equipment. Solar technology produces power by means of photovoltaic solar panels. These panels are positioned outside in such a way as to absorb direct sunlight. To do this properly, it is crucial to adjust and move them to the optimal position.


The ideal fit for Solar Applications

Electric actuators are an ideal fit for powering green devices such as solar panels. An electric linear actuator works by converting an electric motor’s rotational motion into linear motion, giving a machine the ability to move in various directions (push and pull/up and down). They are a much more environmentally friendly (and more efficient) solution when compared to hydraulic systems.

Electric linear actuators can help improve the efficiency of the solar panel system by continuously (and accurately) positioning the panels to follow the orbit of the sun. As demand for solar power continues to increase, equipment designers are constantly exploring new vehicles for solar panels. This includes solar trailers - portable vehicles with solar panels attached to their roofs or platforms. These useful mobile machines harness the power of solar energy in various locations due to their easy portability. 

 Electric Linear Actuator


Mobile Solar Advantages

Solar Power is good for the environment while also benefitting for your wallet. They can power endless applications such as a job-site office trailer, remote LIDAR systems, isolated research stations, temporary accommodations, or a home during a grid outage. Other power sources (using fossil fuels) can be noisy, smelly, and rely on increasingly expensive energy sources. 

Off-Grid Power

Solar trailers are easy to tow and set up. They provide a durable, cost-effective solution to off-grid power needs. As a bonus, they operate rely on massive energy banks to provide power through days of bad weather. And since some solar trailers are not attached to the ground, they shouldn’t require permits or inspections (and should not increase property taxes). 

  • Clean: No exhaust.  No carbon emissions.  No oil changes. 
  • Quiet: Crisp, distortion-free power. Highly valued at sites where communication is critical for safety.  
  • Reliable: Their simple design provides low maintenance with increased reliability. 
  • Affordable: Last longer, require less maintenance, and do not rely on increasingly expensive fuel. 
  • Durable: Panels are designed to withstand the most brutal conditions (performing for decades).
  • Business Benefits: May qualify for a Federal or State Income Tax Credit. 
  • Safe: Safe to any devices running off them.


Mobile Solar Project using Electric Cylinders


Nook Solutions for Mobile Solar Applications

Nook electric linear actuators and screw jacks offer affordable, custom-fitted solutions for high performance solar tracking including accurate positioning, rugged long life, and the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

We provide several solutions for linear actuation on variety of solar applications, including trailers and mobile vehicles. For improved control and accuracy of motion, they can be customized with many different sensing and feedback options depending on your application requirements.

All Nook electric linear actuators and screw jacks can be equipped with a holding brake that eliminates back-driving with high levels of force (both crucial to effective high wind operation). Our electric actuators and screw jacks require little to no maintenance, making them ideal for solar panel applications. In addition, their small, retracted length saves space any mobile solar trailer or machine.

Advantages Include

  • Extreme Durability
  • Perform in Difficult Environments
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Highly Accurate Positioning
  • Low Weight and Compact Size (Space Saving)
  • Very Low Maintenance (Increased Throughput)
  • Sensing and Control Accessories to Monitor Performance

Nook Solar Products - “Safe, Rugged, and Reliable.” 

The following is a selection of our products that are specifically designed to reliably perform in the extreme environments necessitated by solar applications.  


Screw Jack - Double Clevis

Double Clevis Jacks are used when it is necessary to move a load through an arc, such as tracking antennas, hinged doors or air dampers. Machine Screw and Ball Screw Jacks from 1 ton to 15 ton capacities can be supplied with double clevis mounts. One clevis is mounted on the end of the lift shaft and the other clevis is welded to a heavy-duty stem cover, which is welded to the housing. Double clevis designs are available with optional accessories such as boots, motor mounts, right-angle reducers, motors, encoders, and rotary limit switches.




Electric Cylinder - Standard model thrust capacities from 500 lbs. to 40,000 lbs.

Electric Cylinders have been used on countless solar applications where performance in demanding environments is critical. They feature ground and hard chrome plated actuator tubes with industrial enamel paint on exterior surfaces. Available with ball screw and acme screw drives


Electric Cylinder in Solar Trailer


Programmable Linear Actuator

Nook Industries Programmable Linear Actuators are ruggedly designed for continuous duty, larger loads, long service life, and higher speeds. They incorporate a direct drive or toothed belt drive for high mechanical efficiency that allows for a quiet running performance. Programmable actuators are supplied with either a ball screw or acme screw, and either a servo or stepper drive system. 


Get Help with a Solar Application

We have years of experience working with mobile battery-based photovoltaics and alternative energy sources. Contact us now and let us find a linear motion solution for your mobile solar generator that best suits your requirements and budget.

If you would like to learn more about how electric linear actuators can improve your mobile solar equipment, contact one of our liner motion experts.