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The industry leader in screw driven linear motion for over 50 years. 

Nook has been manufacturing leading-edge precision Ball Screw and Acme Screw Products since 1969. Our proven designs and tightly controlled manufacturing processes ensure product quality, safety, reliability, and performance. Our Precision Screw Line features an extensive selection of lead screws, ball screws, and roller screws. 

Configure a complete system with a multitude of accessories including ball nuts, acme nuts, linear bearings, end supports, and custom end machining.

Why Choose Nook?

A Wide Selection of Screws for Any Linear Motion Challenge

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Selecting the Proper Screw

Ball Screw Advantages

Ball Screw with Deflector


  • Improves speed, force, and duty cycle
  • Longer and predictable life cycle
  • Requires less motor power
  • Heavier loads
  • Greater accuracy
  • High efficiency (less friction)

Acme Screw Advantages

Acme Screw


  • Preloaded nut assembly eliminates backlash
  • Safe to operate under static load to hold
  • Self-locking - no need for brakes (even in power outage)
  • Low noise (no rolling components)
  • Ideal for vertical and light/moderate loads
  • Eliminates backlash
  • Lower cost solution

Roller Screw Advantages

Roller Screw

  • Highest efficiency rolling motion
  • Carry large loads with very high resolution
  • Small axial movement (even with very shallow leads)
  • High rotational speeds with faster acceleration
  • The most reliable screw solution available
  • Higher cost option with highest performance

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