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Linear Motion Products

Comprehensive Linear Motion Solutions

For over 50 years, Nook Industries, Inc. remains a leading global supplier of Linear Motion products serving a wide range of industries and markets.

As a leading manufacturer of engineered products, our expertise in testing, design, and our continual pursuit of new manufacturing capabilities create the best possible quality solutions that meet the most stringent customer requirements. 


Over 50 years as the industry leader for screw driven linear motion.

Nook has been manufacturing leading-edge precision Ball Screw and Acme Screw Products since 1969. Our proven designs and tightly controlled manufacturing processes ensure product quality, safety, reliability, and performance. Our Precision Screw Line features an extensive selection of lead screws, ball screws, and roller screws. Configure a complete system with a multitude of accessories including: ball nuts, acme nuts, linear bearings, end supports, and custom end machining.

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Screw Jack

Extreme durability with unmatched reliability.

ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jack systems are ruggedly designed and produced in standard models with load handling capacities from 1/4 ton to 100 tons. Metric capacities are also available from 5 kN to 200 kN. There are no "standard" travel lengths (all are built to specification). Acme and ball screw driven units are available with durable ductile iron housings (or stainless steel). Our screw jacks can be used individually or in multiple arrangements. Premium custom finishes are available. 

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Linear Actuators

Complete systems with motor/drive/controller/power supply.

Configure a complete Electric Linear Actuators system with AC or DC motors and a wide variety of options such as limit switches, gearboxes, and sensors. Configurations include parallel or inline with motor mounts and single or double gear reductions. Product lines include Programmable Linear Actuators (high accuracy and precision), Electric Cylinders (heavy duty durability), and Commercial Series Linear Actuators. Acme or Ball Screw drives.

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Modular Linear Actuators

Unlimited Combinations. Customized Solutions. Modular Flexibility.

Nook Modular Linear Actuators are flexible positioning systems made of self-supporting and wear resistant aluminum profiles. Modular linear actuators can be used as a single axis solution or assembled for a multitude of gantry XY and XYZ positioning duties including inspection, pick-and-place, assembly or dispensing applications. Used in processes from simple positioning tasks to highly complex multi-axis systems. 

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Linear Guidance

A Nook Series slide assembly and Precision Profile Rail is truly a "System" not simply a "Component". The matched components used in our easy to order Linear Guidance solutions result in better system performance with reduced setup and alignment time. Select from a full range of linear slide systems and components. The PowerTrax™ line of linear components includes solid shell LBB linear bearings, self-aligning EXCEL™ linear bearings, HG Hardened and Ground Shafting, Pillow Blocks and complete slide systems.

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Drives & Controls

Any Nook linear actuator device (Jacks, PA/Modular Actuators, or Electric Cylinders) can be paired with a variety of AC or DC motors. In addition, these linear motion systems can be controlled with custom configured control systems. These systems typically consist of a motor, control panel, and control device (HMI, Pendant, switch, etc...). Nook electric control systems can be configured to support unlimited applications in any industry from basic jogging functions to moderately complex automated operations.

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