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Military & Defense

Nook provides custom engineered solutions for a wide variety of military & defense applications. 


Linear Solutions for Military & Naval Systems

Our products are used by several leading contractors because they are produced using premium quality materials and rigorous process control (all in one U.S. based facility).

Defense applications are continuously evolving with new challenges that require increased performance capability and flexibility. Our products have repeatedly met the challenge for advanced intelligent solutions that can adapt to any situation or environment. Nook has been a trusted partner for more than 50 years in providing innovative, rugged, and reliable solutions to each branch of the military market.

Nook linear solutions are highly flexible and provide long term reliability with minimal maintenance and optimal efficiency. Our customized solutions easily adapt to new and existing applications for rapid and dependable deployment. 

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Key Certifications

  • ISO:9001 Certified
  • 9100:16 Certified
  • ITAR Registered


Missile Fin Actuation

Missile Fin Actuation

These applications require fast, precise, synchronized operation during takeoff and flight to augment lift capability.


Nook products deliver positioning accuracy and high load capability which are key factors for applications for the smart weapons market. These include low cost, autonomously controlled, adverse weather devices for bombs and missiles. 

Advantages Include

  • Optimal Efficiency
  • Low Power Requirements
  • Compact Design
  • Low Weight
  • Ease of Synchronization
  • Easily Adjusted Under Varying Loads
  • Precise Ability to Repeat

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Nook ball screw systems provide highly accurate repeatability along any given position along the stroke.


Launch Systems

Nook products optimize missile launch operations with simple, proven designs that perform reliably and efficiently in demanding environments while providing level adjustment on uneven terrain. 

These systems provide high efficiency while allowing the use of smaller power sources with utmost reliability and low maintenance. Jack assemblies keep thrust mount and missile in perfect alignment.

  • Reliability. The inherent screw principles designed into our screws has proven itself on several successful missions spanning several decades. 
  • Efficiency. Low friction facilitates >90% allows for extremely smooth operation in remote launch sites under the most demanding conditions such as subzero frozen wastelands, blazing desert heat, or 100% jungle humidity.
  • Simplicity. Can rely on manual operation in case of power failure.

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Launch Systems
Gun Actuation Systems

Gun Actuation Systems

Compact and Low Weight

Nook products are an integral part of for gun and linkless ammunition feed systems because they are compact, low weight, economic extremely and reliable. They are ideally suited for the highest speed firing mechanisms.


Armored Vehicles

Smooth and Dependable Performance for Mission Critical Systems

Why risk the safety of your troops to inferior designs? All Nook components are made in the U.S. with all operations under one roof. This allows for very tight control over materials and processes.

Typical Applications

  • Armor Actuation
  • Vehicle Sub-Systems (Brakes, Suspension, Engine)
  • Seat Actuation
  • Communications Satellites
  • Trailer Hitches
  • Cargo Handling
  • Utility Actuation
  • Door/Hatch Actuation
  • Lift Mechanisms

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Armored Vehicles


Nook jack systems are ideal for raising and and lowering cylindrical wedge barriers. These mechanical systems eliminate noisy and inconsistent hydraulic cylinders and pumps that can leak and required frequent maintenance.  Nook systems provide a cleaner, quieter solution was needed with reduced maintenance while operating in harsh weather extremes.