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Modular Linear Actuators

Unlimited possible combinations. Customized solutions for a range of drive types and guides.

Nook Modular Linear Actuators are flexible positioning systems made of self-supporting and wear resistant aluminum profiles. Modular linear actuators can be used as a single axis solution or assembled for a multitude of gantry XY and XYZ positioning duties including inspection, pick-and-place, assembly, or dispensing applications. 

Used in processes from simple positioning tasks to highly complex multi-axis systems. 


Unmatched Flexibility

Fully assembled with either roller bearing, profile rail or V-groove guidance and belt, ball screw, acme screw or rack and pinion drive. Matched non-driven models are available for system guidance requirements.

Over 35 models in several sizes to meet a variety of guidance, load, and speed requirements for precision applications.


  • Excellent positioning accuracy
  • Long service life and reliability
  • High drive stiffness
  • Smooth and quiet motion
  • High load capacity
  • Excellent efficiency
  • High speeds/fast acceleration
  • Long strokes
  • Clean room/Explosion proof 
  • Temp. -25°C to +75°C
  • Low maintenance/low wear
  • Low breakaway/drive torque
  • Self-locking

Modular Actuator Product Selector

Easily design your own linear actuator system based on your unique application with the DESIGN GUIDE PRO tool. Enter your parameters to determine the best product fit.

Need a superior lifting motion?

The rack and pinion system is suitable for highly dynamic servo operation and ideal for lifting movements. 

Modular Actuator Accessories

Primary Drive Types

Nook offers linear actuators with a choice of screw or belt drive systems. We use a diverse variety of screw and belt types to meet the challenging demands for all possible applications. They include maintenance free ball bearings and are easily adjusted.

Guide Type - Ball: High Load/Dynamics  Wheel: Fast Speed/Acceleration  V-Groove: Low Cost/Durable   

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Belt Drive

• High tension steel belt material • Clean room and explosion proof versions
• Internal or external belt • No minimum length
• Standard accuracy • 0.1 mm repeatability

Screw Drive

• High quality ACME and /Ball screws • High thrust /torque/stiffness
• Direct in-line motor mount • Ball Screw = 0.025 mm repeatability
• ACME Screw = 0.2 mm repeatability • Ball Screw = high efficiency/accuracy
• ACME Screw = standard accuracy • Up to 3M screw length

Primary Guidance Types

Nook offers linear actuators with a choice of guidance systems. We use a diverse variety of guidance types to meet the challenging
demands for all possible applications. They are adjustable to reduce lash, splash-proof and dust-tight.

V Groove Guided

The carriage moves along the unit guided by V-slides. 


Internal Roller Bearing Guided

Carriage is guided by hardened steel guide rods on the inside of the actuator. 

External Roller Bearing Guided

Carriage is guided by hardened steel guide rods on the outside of the actuator. 

Internal Profile Rail Guided


Carriage is guided by a single or dual internal profile rail on the outside of the actuator.