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Integrated Stepper

Integrated stepper motors have a motion control component combined with built-in index feedback allowing for two-phase stepping with a high performance drive and 1000 line mapping encoder. These features offer a closed-loop, cost effective means to control a Nook mechanical solution.


This new integrated stepper system is a compact, cost effective drive-plus-motor-with-feedback package. The 2-phase NEMA 23 step motor is integrated with an advanced DSP stepper drive and a magnetic encoder to save you space, time and money. Competitive products are called “easy” servo or “hybrid” servo, Nook offers this step motor/drive with feedback which we describe as Step-Serv. Bonus: servo-tuning is not necessary, and a stepper does not “hunt” at rest like a conventional servo.

  • A step/servo is an integrated motor, a complete brushless closed loop stepper system
  • Closed-loop controls eliminate wiring, labor costs, and compatibility issues
  • Integration yields compact size and reduced electrical interference
  • 1000-line optical encoder position control
  • High starting torque and quick response, smooth low speed motor movement
  • Excellent response time, torque (30% over open loop)
  • Load-dependent dynamic tuning keeps motor cool
  • 2 N·m (285 oz-in) holding torque stepper motor
  • Sixteen micro step resolution value from 200 to 51,200 steps per rev
  • Isolated control inputs; no tuning for plug and play setup
  • In-position and fault outputs to external motion controller
  • Over voltage, over-current, and position-error protection