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Shaft Support Rail Low-Profile Pre-Drilled

Aluminum support components for continuously supporting Nook HG shafting are available for inch sizes 1/2" to 2". Standard Lengths: 12”, 24”, 36”, 48”.

Product Info Part Number
Product Nominal Shaft Diameter [in] 12" Part Number 24" Part Number 36" Part Number 48" Part Number
NLR-8-PD 0.50 NLR-8-PD-12 NLR-8-PD-24 NLR-8-PD-36 NLR-8-PD-48 Specs Configure/Quote
NLR-10-PD 0.63 NLR-10-PD-12 NLR-10-PD-24 NLR-10-PD-36 NLR-10-PD-48 Specs Configure/Quote
NLR-12-PD 0.75 NLR-12-PD-12 NLR-12-PD-24 NLR-12-PD-36 NLR-12-PD-48 Specs Configure/Quote
NLR-16-PD 1.00 NLR-16-PD-12 NLR-16-PD-24 NLR-16-PD-36 NLR-16-PD-48 Specs Configure/Quote
NLR-20-PD 1.25 NLR-20-PD-12 NLR-20-PD-24 NLR-20-PD-36 NLR-20-PD-48 Specs Configure/Quote
NLR-24-PD 1.50 NLR-24-PD-12 NLR-24-PD-24 NLR-24-PD-36 NLR-24-PD-48 Specs Configure/Quote