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Flexible Coupling Economy Full Flex

The selection process for couplings includes the following steps:

  • Refer to the jack specification tables to determine torque requirements per jack for your application.
  • Determine total coupling capacity required by multiplying the torque required per jack by the number of jacks to be driven by the coupling.
  • Check the torque required against maximum torque rating as shown in the table. Select a coupling with a maximum torque greater than the application torque.
  • If using flex type couplings, full-flex couplings should be used for close coupled arrangements. For floating shaft applications, use two Flex-Rigid couplings. The rigid half should be mounted on the floating shaft.

All jacks, shafts, couplings and motor should be carefully aligned for maximum performance. Couplings with bores other than those specified are available upon request.

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