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Stainless Steel Belt Driven Modular Linear Actuators

Stainless Steel Belt Driven Modular Linear Actuators consists of a square aluminium profile with an integrated ball rail and is covered by a stainless steel sheet (thickness 0.37mm, material 1.4301).

Belt Driven Modular Linear Actuators have a distinct advantage due to there ability to me manufactured in virtually any length. Models include either an external, trapped, or internal belt arraignments. The Belts are made of a high tension steel material that only requires a single adjustment after initial use. No further tensioning is required. The pulleys have maintenance free ball bearings. Belt tension can be readjusted by a simple screw adjustment device in the carriage. This device can also be used for symmetrical adjustment of two or more linear units running parallel.

The belts can be supplied for clean room and explosion proof environments.

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Internal Profile Rail Guided

The carriage moves along linearly guided by an internal profile rail for high rigidly. The linear belt drive is either trapped, exposed, or internally driven. The openings of the DSZ and DSSZ guide body are sealed with stainless steel cover bands to protect the guide from splash water and dust. Alternatively, the opening can also be covered with a bellow or can be delivered without cover bands.


Compact Internal Profile Rail with an Exposed Belt Drive