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Series 212 (With Integrated End Support Blocks) Ball

Nook Series 200 slide systems are assembled slides which include:

  • Linear bearing pillow blocks
  • Integrated end supports
  • HG linear shafts
  • Carriage Plate
  • Nook Ball Screw Assembly or Acme Screw Assembly

Many options are available for these slide systems. Different screw styles and leads, protective boots, special motor mounts and custom carriage plate machining is available. Nook Industries Integrated Slide System with Mounting Carriage.

Four single bearing pillow blocks assembled with two end support blocks. The Series 212 is an Acme or Ball screw driver rigid slide system incorporating solid end mounting blocks.

Product Info Performance specifications
Product Nominal Shaft Diameter [in] Screw Size Load Maximum System [lbf]
212-08-LXX/0500-0200 SRT RA 0.50 0500-0200 SRT 700 Specs Configure/Quote
212-08-LXX/0500-0500 SRT RA 0.50 0500-0500 SRT 700 Specs Configure/Quote
212-12-LXX/0750-0200 SRT RA 0.75 0750-0200 SRT 1624 Specs Configure/Quote
212-12-LXX/0750-0500 SRT RA 0.75 0750-0500 SRT 1624 Specs Configure/Quote
212-16-LXX/1000-0250 SRT RA 1.00 1000-0250 SRT 2900 Specs Configure/Quote
212-16-LXX/1000-0500 SRT RA 1.00 1000-0500 SRT 2900 Specs Configure/Quote
212-16-LXX/1000-1000 SRT RA 1.00 1000-1000 SRT 2900 Specs Configure/Quote
212-24-LXX/1500-0250 SRT RA 1.50 1500-0250 SRT 5504 Specs Configure/Quote
212-24-LXX/1500-0500 SRT RA 1.50 1500-0500 SRT 5504 Specs Configure/Quote
212-24-LXX/1500-1000 SRT RA 1.50 1500-1000 SRT 5504 Specs Configure/Quote
212-24-LXX/1500-1875 SRT RA 1.50 1500-1875 SRT 5504 Specs Configure/Quote