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Linear Slide Systems

A Nook linear slide assembly is truly a “System” not just a “Component”. The matched components result in better system performance. Nook Slides Systems are used as sub-assemblies to reduce setup and alignment time. These linear Slide Systems are easier to specify and to order. Precision carriage plates supplied with Series 100 and 200 help prevent misaligned shafts and bearings. Aluminum carriage plates include threaded steel inserts at key mounting locations. Protective, non-corrosive finish is used on all exposed non-wear components. 

Modifications for linear slide systems include:

  • Special screws: ground thread, precision rolled with preloaded nuts, high lead screws, metric lead screws
  • Protective boots in a variety of materials (neoprene, metallic, etc.)
  • Special motor mounts with Servos motors, steppers motors and drives
  • Custom carriage machining

Product Selector

Use this handy engineering tool to determine the right linear bearing solution based on the parameters of your specific application.

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Non-Driven Linear Slides

Series 100 Slide System

Nook Series 100 slide systems are pre-assembled and ready to mount. They consist of combinations of Nook Linear Ball Bearing Pillow Blocks, HG shafting, carriage plates and shaft supports. Aluminum carriage plates include threaded steel inserts at key mounting locations. All exposed non-wearing components have a protective, corrosion resistant finish.

  • Select between either two single bearing pillow blocks or a single twin bearing pillow block.
  • Two single bearing pillow block arrangements allow for varying width applications. Twin bearing pillow block provides the most compact dual bearing arrangement.

Non-Driven - Single Shaft

Non-Driven - Double Shaft without Carriage Plate

Non-Driven Double Shaft with Carriage Plate

Driven Linear Slides

Series 200 Slide System

Nook Series 200 slide systems are assembled slides which include:

  • Linear bearing pillow blocks
  • Integrated end supports
  • HG linear shafts
  • Carriage Plate
  • Nook Ball Screw Assembly or Acme Screw Drive

Many options are available for these slide systems. Different screw styles and leads, protective boots, special motor mounts and custom carriage plate machining is available. 

Need Help Selecting Linear Guidance?

Collaborate with one of our technical experts on the specifics of your application to ensure the ideal product fit that best meets your performance requirements and budget.