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Series 111 (Unsupported) Twin Pillow Block

GRV and GRVP Roller Rail

Composed of precise crossed rollers with hardened steel forming V-shaped rail guides to create linear motion elements with high accuracy. Limited stroke linear motion system with high rigidity, high load, and fast moment.


  • Suited for micro-movement applications due to small amount of frictional resistance, with almost no difference between starting friction resistance and dynamic friction resistance.
  • Stability in low speed applications: Even in the case of light loading, low to high speed variations are stable due to the low amount of frictional resistance.
  • High rigidity - high loading capacity applications: Compared between roller or ball rails. Roller rails have a higher capacity due to their larger contact area, less elasticity deformation, and non-circulation, and great effective number of units in contact.
  • Low noise: Nook linear motion cross roller rail has no circulated rotating, no noise ocurred. Using roller with roller retainer makes no noise caused by contact friction in between each rolling unit moves alternately, to ensure a quiet movement motion.

Part numbers include two sets of rails

Product Info Performance Specifications
Product Nominal Shaft Diameter [in] Pillow Block Load Maximum/Block [lbf]
PowerTrax 111-06-TXX 0.38 TEP-6 136 Specs Configure/Quote
PowerTrax 111-08-TXX 0.50 TEP-8 350 Specs Configure/Quote
PowerTrax 111-12-TXX 0.75 TEP-12 812 Specs Configure/Quote
PowerTrax 111-16-TXX 1.00 TEP-16 1450 Specs Configure/Quote
PowerTrax 111-24-TXX 1.50 TEP-24 2752 Specs Configure/Quote