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Ball Screw Products

Optimized Efficiency

Ball screws offer a highly efficient means of converting rotary motion to linear motion. A ball screw is an improvement over an acme screw with regards to speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Precision ball screws have a number of bearing balls that transfer the load between the nut and screw. For convenience our ball screws can be supplied completely machined and assembled with nuts, flanges, wipers and EZZE-MOUNTS.

Should a standard assembly not fit the application, Nook can machine the screw to your specific design requirements. Custom sizes and configurations are available.

  • Low friction movement improves speed, force, and duty cycle
  • Longer and predictable life cycle and requires less motor power 
  • Wide range of diameters and leads
  • State-of-the-art ball return mechanisms                                            

Inch Precision Accuracy (SGT) Ball Screws

Threads are ground from high carbon alloy steel that has been induction heat treated to a depth greater than the thread.

  • Standard stocked ball screws are supplied with internally preloaded nuts which must be factory assembled.
  • Ground ball screws are used for applications that require smooth operation, precise positioning, and repeatability.

Inch Standard Accuracy (SRT) Ball Screws

Standard Rolled Thread (sometimes referred to as commercial or transport type) ball screws offer the low friction advantage of antifriction screws at lower cost. They are capable of higher speeds and longer predictable life when compared to similar acme type lead screws.

  • Leads from .125” to 1.875”
  • Offered with OD threaded, non-preloaded ball nuts. 
  • Some sizes available with integral flange nuts and/or with double nuts with spring loaded adjustable preloading feature for eliminating backlash.

Inch Precision Accuracy (XPR) Ball Screws

Precision Rolled thread ball screws are offered with leads of 0.200” to 0.500” depending on diameter. Nook uses the latest in CNC thread rolling technology and state of the art CNC induction heat treatment to manufacture a rolled screw with accuracy approaching precision ground at a substantially lower cost.

  • Fill the need for applications that don’t warrant the expense for ground screws but still require more precise positioning than that offered by commercial grade screws.
  • All are offered with internally preloaded non-adjustable ball nuts with either an integral flange or an OD thread which allows for the use of a custom flange to fit a specific need.

Metric Standard Accuracy (MRT) Ball Screws

Rolled Ball Screw assemblies feature with precision ball nuts that are an economical, high-performance alternative to ground thread ball
screw assemblies. MRT Rolled Ball Screws are manufactured under tightly controlled conditions in the rolling process. Uniform heat treatment is monitored by temperature sensors to ensure
high quality and accurate lead.

  • The ball nut assemblies ensure accuracy, zero backlash, consistent repeatability, and high system stiffness at low running torque. Ball nuts can be assembled with a selective fit to minimize lash.
  • Standard lead accuracy: ±100μm / 300mm

Precision Accuracy (PMT) Ball Screws

Precision Rolled Ball Screw assemblies feature precision ground preloaded ball nuts that are an economical, high-performance alternative to ground thread ball screw assemblies. They are manufactured under tightly controlled conditions in the rolling process. Uniform heat treatment is monitored by temperature sensors to ensure high quality and accurate lead.

  • The preloaded ball nut assemblies ensure accuracy, zero backlash, consistent repeatability, and high system stiffness at low running torque. 
  • Ball nuts feature a unique solid preload that enhances system smoothness, and are factory-fit on the ball screws, providing a backlash-free system for long life.
  • Standard lead accuracy: ±25μm / 300mm

Precision Metric Ball Screws (PMBS™)

Nook Precision Metric Ball Screw Assemblies provide very high accuracy at reduced costs. High-lead precision rolled ball screws acheive maximum travel rates with repeatable positioning accuracy. 


  • T3, T5, T7, and T10 lead accuracy per ISO 3408-3
  • Precision thread-rolling and heat treating technology
  • Wide range of diameters and leads
  • DIN-style flanges
  • Preloaded and clearance nuts
  • State-of-the-art ball return mechanisms
  • 3 different styles available: Integral-flange, V-thread, and Cylindrical keyed.
  • Integral wipers


Miniature Metric Ball Screws

Nook Industries is a leading producer of miniature ball screws, offering a wide variety of sizes and configurations. The miniature product line is supplied as a complete assembly. Screw ends can be machined to customer requirements in nearly any diameter and length configuration.

Related Ball Screw Products

End Supports

EZZE-MOUNT™ precision bearing blocks can be assembled to ball screws and lead screws screws, providing a complete solution for most linear motion applications. Both end bearing mounts and end machining are offered as a complete assembly.


End Machining

Linear motion applications utilizing a ball screw or an acme screw require this screw end machining to be matched with precision bearing mounts. Nook offers both end bearing mounts and end machining as a complete assembly.



E-900 Ball Screw Lubricant may be used on both rolled and ground thread ball screws. E-900 will provide a lasting film for wear protection and resistance to corrosion. With an operating range of -65° to +375°F, E-900 has low starting torque characteristics and helps reduce inter-ball friction in ball screw assemblies.

For optimum results the ball screw should be in good repair and free of dirt and grease. Used regularly, E-900 will extend the life of ball screw assemblies. It should be applied generously on the entire length of the screw.