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3-Axis Actuator Inspection System

The system provided controls that would perform the equivalent of a coordinate measure machine inspection with accuracy.

Actuator Inspection System

3-Axis Coordinate Measuring Inspection Actuator System


Coordinate measuring machine inspection is an important part of the production of prototypes and products. Regardless of what products are being developed, this process is essential because it helps ensure accuracy. In fact, a manufacturer of new-generation products for the healthcare, telecommunications, energy and defense markets needed a unique solution that would perform a similar function. This customer needed a 3-axis actuator system with controls that would perform the equivalent of a coordinate measuring machine inspection.


Nook Industries designed an actuator system with 4 meters x 4 meters x 2 meters of stroke that takes up the size of a whole room. The actuator system needed to be secretive and was located in a private room in the middle of the factory.

Nook Advantages

  • Proven actuator system quality
  • Made in USA

Customer Benefits

  • Efficient coordinate measuring machine inspection
  • Improved accuracy