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Standard Miniature Rail Bottom Tapped Mount, Size 15 Read More
Product Specifications


Product Specifications

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Size [mm]:


H1 [mm]:
W1 [mm]:
P [mm]:
M4 x 0.7


Weights-Rail [g/m]:

More Details

Upward Mounitng Rail featrues a fully tapped holes for mounting form under the mounting plate.

Precision Miniature Ground Profile Rails is designed using two rows of recirculating balls. The design uses a Gothic profile with a 45° contact angle to achieve equal load capacity in all directions. They are made from a high quality materials and are hardened by an advanced heat treatment system resulting in increased durability and performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Gothic profile ball raceways self-align to help absorb small mounting errors and distributes related stresses evenly.
  • The Nook Miniature Profile Rail design has been extensively tested to insure long reliable life. Equal load carrying capacity in four directions
  • The benefits of full radius ball raceways are well established in the manufacture of precision ball screws. The circular shape provides ideal ball to ball raceway contact giving greater system rigidity.
  • A range of preloads are available depending upon the requirements for rigidity and load capacity. Preload is achieved by the selection of precisely graded ball diameter.
  • The precise geometry of the square configuration of the ball raceway is ideal for preloading and provides high system rigidity.
  • The reference face and four grooves are ground simultaneously by special grinding machines
  • The rail’s high degree of straightness enhances final installation accuracy