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Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jacks

Machine Screw Jacks - 20.6 kN to 200 kN

Nook Bevel Gear Screw Jack systems are ruggedly designed and produced in standard models with load handling capacities from 12.3kN to 117kN. They may be used individually or in multiple arrangements. There are no “standard” travel lengths and each bevel gear screw jack is built to specification. All high bevel gear screw jacks are equipped with hardened, sharpened and spiral toothed bevel gear transmissions for high lifting speed and greater duty cycle.

Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jacks incorporate the use of a trapezoidal acme screw. The acme screw conforms to DIN 103 standard with a low backlash between the nut and screw. Bevel Gear designs are available with optional accessories such as boots, top plates, and celvis mounts.

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A lift shaft moves through the gear box. An integrated nut and Bevel Gear rotate together. When the lift shaft is held to prevent rotation, the lift shaft will move linearly through the gear box to move the load.

Upright Keyed

The lift shaft must be attached to something to prevent rotation. If not, it (and the load) will turn and not translate. A "keyed" feature can be added to prevent lift shaft rotation. 

Anti-rotation is accomplished by a square guide attached to the screw translating inside a square stem cover attached to the jack. The square stem tube is supplied with lube fittings.

Upright Rotating

Upright Rotating g jack has a lift shaft that moves a nut as it turns. The lift shaft is fixed to the bevel gear. This causes the load, which is attached to the travel nut, to move along the lift shaft.