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Excel Pillow Block, Inch Flange-Mount Closed Single


Nook Pillow Blocks simplify mounting of Nook Linear Bearings. They are available with EXCEL™ Bearings to fit shafts from 1/4 to 2 inch and 10 to 50mm. Nook Pillow

  • Blocks provide the precision bearing bores necessary for linear bearing installation.
  • Pillow Blocks are sealed at both ends.
  • Closed Excel™ bearing Pillow Blocks are designed for use on end supported PowerTrax™ HG "L" shafting.

Product Info Performance Specifications
Product Nominal Shaft Diameter [in] Part Number Dynamic Load Maximum [lb] Dynamic Load Normal [lb] Static Load Maximum [lb] Static Load Normal [lb]
Excel XEP-08-FLM 12 XEP-08-FLM 175 152 158 112 Specs Configure/Quote
Excel XEP-12-FLM 34 XEP-12-FLM 406 383 351 274 Specs Configure/Quote
Excel XEP-16-FLM 1 XEP-16-FLM 725 684 630 492 Specs Configure/Quote