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Laboratory Automation

Increased Productivity and Faster Cycle Times

Laboratory automation researches, develops, and optimizes technologies that enable new and improved processes. The processes are designed to increase productivity, elevate data quality, and reduce cycle times. The application of technology in today's laboratories is required to achieve timely progress and remain competitive.

Take advantage of our customized solutions of the highest quality and precision.

Equipment used for clinical diagnostics in the medical research, treatment, and pharmaceutical sectors must meet the highest quality and safety standards over the complete life cycle of the product. And that’s exactly what Nook provides. Our ball screw assemblies and linear actuators products are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions that conform to the applicable standards. 

Nook automated linear motion solutions optimize laboratory automation operations with reduced costs, increased efficiency, consistent performance, and minimal downtime. Our ball screws and actuators products are ideal for automated or robotic pick & place workstations where accurate positioning and smooth operation at higher speeds are critical factors.


Typical Applications

  • High-throughput screening
  • Combinatorial chemistry
  • Automated clinical and analytical testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Laboratory Robotics



Optimizing Diagnostic Laboratory Throughput

Medical laboratory automation has always been a great fit for the linear motion industry. However, in a post COVID-19 pandemic landscape, linear motion devices such as precision ball screws and...