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Ball Screw Assembly for Dough Press

Food processing is a highly competitive market. Manufacturers of kitchen gadgets and appliances are always looking for innovative solutions that distinguish their products as unique, efficient and user-friendly. Products that translate from commercial to home use are particularly sellable. Because of stringent FDA guidelines that regulate the materials and construction of food processing equipment, it is sometimes difficult to combine cutting-edge technology and economic benefits without sacrificing quality.


The manufacturer of a dough press was looking for a way to save money, but not affect the quality of the product. The press was using a linkage mechanism and expensive gear box, which is why the manufacturer turned to Nook Industries for a ball screw assembly that would be more cost-effective. With a ball screw, the manufacturer knew that he could select a smaller motor and drive, allowing him to save up front capital and energy costs.


Nook Industries assisted the manufacturer in selecting a 1" ball screw assembly where a maximum of 2500 lbs. to two 18" diameter discs are used to compress pizza dough. By using this assembly, the manufacturer saved money without affecting the performance of the machinery.

Nook Advantages

  • On-time delivery
  • Proven ball screw assembly quality
  • Made in USA

Customer Benefits

  • Cost effective solution
  • Efficient means of compressing dough