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Control Panel, With Disconnect Switch, 1 1/2 HP, 230V Read More
Product Specifications
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Product Specifications

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More Details

Nook Industries control panels are designed to match the motor when shipped from the factory. The control panels are acceptable to use in most industrial environments (including automotive). Functionality of the control panel can be customized to match any application and spare parts are readily available.


  • The control matches the motor with no design time required
  • The control is acceptable to use in most industrial environments (including automotive)
  • The control interconnects with other safety/control systems

Motor Capacities

  • 1/4 up to 2 HP 1-phase 115-230V
  • 1/4 up to 15 HP 3-phase 230-460-575 VAC induction motors with or without electrically operated brakes
  • NEMA 4/12 Enclosures
  • NEMA 4/12 Enclosures
  • NEMA 4X also available

Internal Wiring

  • Per NFPA-79
  • Main fuses with disconnect models
  • UL Listed

Limit Switches

  • Per NFPA-79All units include the capacity to work with ActionJacâ„¢ limit switches, or custom supplied mechanical limit switches
  • Front Panel Indicators include Power Indicator
  • Front Panel Controls include maintained stop push-button; main power disconnect switch (optional); extend push-button; retract push-button, in auto mode, the load moves until limit is reached; in jog mode, the load moves while button is pressed.