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E-900, Case of 12

Ball Screw Lubricant, Spray Can, 12 Ounce, Case of 12 Read More
Product Specifications
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Product Specifications

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Protects Against Inter-ball Friction, Wear and Corrosion

E-900 Ball Screw Lubricant may be used on both rolled and ground thread ball screws. E-900 will provide a lasting film for wear protection and resistance to corrosion. With an operating range of -65° to +375°F, E-900 has low starting torque characteristics and helps reduce inter-ball friction in ball screw assemblies.

For optimum results the ball screw should be in good repair and free of dirt and grease. Used regularly, E-900 will extend the life of ball screw assemblies. It should be applied generously on the entire length of the screw. In addition, E-900 will prolong the useful life of ball bearing splines, bearings, anti-friction bearings, and other rolling element products.