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High Capacity Fixed Support, 75mm Read More
Product Specifications
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Product Specifications

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Nominal Bearing Journal Size [mm]:


D1 [mm]:
D2 [mm]:
D3 [mm]:
D4 [mm]:
D5 [mm]:
E [mm]:
L1 [mm]:
L2 [mm]:
L3 [mm]:
L4 [mm]:
L5 [mm]:
S [mm]:

More Details

Roller screw high load ratings and extreme performance characteristics place large demands on end support units. Nook Industries has developed support units capable of handling these demands.

Nook series EZRF end support units are matched to the roller screw (see dimension table below) and are designed to provide high load carrying capacity, precision, speed, rigidity, low friction, and ease of maintenance and installation. EZRF supports include a SFZ locknut.