Spiral Bevel Type Miter Gearbox, Medium Capacity, Low Noise, 1:1 Gear Ratio

Jacks may be used in multiple arrangements by connecting shafting, couplings and gear boxes to simultaneously transmit power to the input shafts of the jacks. Nook Industries provides gearboxes for use with jacks.

Make certain that the total torque and horsepower required by the arrangement does not exceed the ratings of the box. Miter gear boxes can be operated up to 900 rpm. Higher speeds are permissible at lower torque ratings. Noise levels may increase at higher speeds. The operating efficiency of a miter gear box is 90%

Gears are forged alloy steel. Shafts are stress proof steel ground and polished.

GB210S, and GB210S-R2 are filled with EP-90 Gear lubricant at time of shipment.

Clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) notations indicate direction of shaft rotation when facing outer end of shaft. All shaft arrangements will operate opposite direction for that shown. To order specify model number and desired shaft arrangement.

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Product GB210S
Product Info
Product Code GB210S
Gear Ratio 1:1
Performance Specifications
Rated Load RPM [rpm] 1700
Max HP for Continuous Duty [hp] 5.75
Max Torque for Continuous Duty [in-lb] 213.24
Max HP for Intermittent Duty [hp] 10.82
Max Torque for Intermittent Duty [in-lb] 401.32
Nut Weight [lb] 6.25

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