ActionJac ILAK-200 HL

Keyed Inline Electric Cylinder, With Ball Screw, High Lead, 11000 lbs.

ILAK (Keyed) Electric Cylinders have many of the same benefits of DD and RAD Electric Cylinders, including a rugged design and capacities from 1,000 lb to 21,000 lb. ILAK (Keyed) Electric Cylinders incorporate a direct drive without an internal reduction. The screw drive is directly coupled with an external speed reducer, stepper motor, servo motor, or NEMA mounted motors. ILAK (Keyed) Electric Cylinders can be supplied for outdoor applications. ILAK (Keyed) Electric Cylinders feature a direct drive and are intended for use in industrial environments. They feature ground and hard chrome plated actuator tubes. The exterior surfaces feature industrial enamel paint. Epoxy paint is available on request.

These cylinders may be used individually or in multiple arrangements. Each Electric Cylinder is built to specification. For outdoor application of ILAK (Keyed) Electric Cylinders, contact Nook Engineering for recommended alterations.

Custom motor or reducer mounts are available.

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Product ActionJac ILAK-200 HL
Performance Specifications
Maximum Travel Rate [in/min] 1337
Dynamic Capacity [lb] 11000
Maximum Input Torque [in-lb] 1947
A 7.5
Ball Screw 2250-1000 SRT
Input Turns Per Inch Of Travel 1
Torque Per Lb. [in-lb] 0.177
Screw Lead [in] 1.000
Root Diameter [in] 1.850
Max Capacity [lb] 11000
Max HP [hp] 7.5
Gear Ratio 1:1
Basic Weight [lb] 194
Per Inch of Travel [lb] 3.06

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