Metric Runner Block, Heavy Load, Flange Type, 4 Through Holes, 35mm

Heavy Load Precision Profile Rail Runner Blocks feature a narrow deisgn for a more compact mounting.

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Product NH35EB
Size [mm] 35
L1 [mm] 112
L2 [mm] 80
L3 [mm] 62
L4 [mm] 12
H3 [mm] 13
M1 [mm] 9
W1 [mm] 100
W2 [mm] 82
W3 [mm] 9
D1 [mm] 9
Forces and Torques
Basic Load Ratings C [kN] 37.55
Basic Load Ratings C [lbf] 8441
Basic Load Ratings C0 [kN] 62.56
Basic Load Ratings C0 [lbf] 14061
Static Moment Ratings-Ma [kN-m] 0.64
Static Moment Ratings-Ma [lb-in] 5642
Static Moment Ratings-Mb [kN-m] 0.64
Static Moment Ratings-Mb [lb-in] 5642
Static Moment Ratings-Mc [kN-m] 1.13
Static Moment Ratings-Mc [lb-in] 9982
Weight-Block [kg] 1.80
Grease Fitting
Grease Fitting Part Number B-M6F

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