Shaft Support Block Features

Aluminum support components for end mounting to support Nook HG shafting are available for inch sizes 1/2" to 2".

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Product Info
Product Part Number Nominal Shaft Diameter [in]
PowerTrax NSB-4
  NSB-4 0.250
PowerTrax NSB-6
  NSB-6 0.375
PowerTrax NSB-8
  NSB-8 0.500
PowerTrax NSB-10
  NSB-10 0.625
PowerTrax NSB-12
  NSB-12 0.750
PowerTrax NSB-16
  NSB-16 1.000
PowerTrax NSB-20
  NSB-20 1.250
PowerTrax NSB-24
  NSB-24 1.500
PowerTrax NSB-32
  NSB-32 2.000