Jack Gearbox Lubricant Features

ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jacks require lubrication to operate efficiently and with maximum life.

Standard lubrication is NLGI #2 grease. Lubricants are available for both high and low temperature application. If operating conditions exceed 200°F or -20°F, contact Nook Industries for alternative lubricants.

The jack gear boxes are shipped pre-greased unless otherwise specified. Before operating any unit, check the lubricant level. All jack housings are furnished with a grease fitting.

Most have a pipe plug opposite the grease fitting. When adding grease to the housing, remove the pipe plug and fill the unit until grease exits the pipe plug opening. Over filling the jack may result in grease leakage from the worm shaft seals. In normal operation, jack lubricant levels should be checked once per month. Application conditions may dictate a more or less frequent lubrication cycle. In extreme conditions, automatic lubrication may be desired.

Lubricants containing additives such as molydisulfide or graphite should not be used.

Ball Screw models need only a light film of lubricant on the lift shaft for most applications. Nook E-900 Ball Screw Lubricant may be applied with a cloth or spray. Operating a Ball Screw Jack lift shaft without lubrication will result in a ninety percent reduction in life.

Lubrication intervals for the lift shaft of Machine Screw models are determined by the application. Proper lubrication with E-100 spray lube or PAG-1 grease must be provided to achieve satisfactory service life. It is required that screw assemblies are lubricated often enough to maintain a film of lubricant on the screw.

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Product Part Number Usage NLGI Grade Number Gelling Agent Temperature Range, High End [°F] Temperature Range, Low End [°F] Quantity Net Weight [oz]
GBL-400 Std Temp Single Tube
  NLU-3001 Standard Applications 2 Lithium 280 20 1 14.1
GBL-800 High Temp Single Tube
  NLU-3005 High Temperature Applications 1.5 Clay 350 -50 1 12.5
GBL-400 Std Temp Case
  NLU-6001 Standard Applications 2 Lithium 280 20 10 14.1
GBL-800 High Temp Case
  NLU-6005 High Temperature Applications 1.5 Clay 350 -50 10 12.5