July 10, 2020

8 Design Considerations for Screw Jack Systems

Regardless of the type of worm gear jack you are considering (machine screw or ball screw), there are 8 factors that are critical for developing the optimal linear motion system.

By Nick Novotny

June 29, 2020

3 Quick Screw Jack Applications - Food Industry

In the food sector, screw jack systems are typically deployed in three common and versatile arrangements. Let's talk about a few of these in more detail.

By Nick Novotny

June 4, 2020

Optimizing Diagnostic Laboratory Throughput

Medical laboratory automation has always been a great fit for the linear motion industry. However, in a post COVID-19 pandemic landscape, linear motion devices such as precision ball screws and

By Nick Novotny

April 22, 2020

Replacing Hydraulics with Electric Linear Actuators in Agriculture

Linear Actuators - A Cleaner and More Efficient Solution Food Production and Clean EnerPerformance and reliability are of vital importance in automated packaging technology. Nook provides customized

By Nick Novotny

April 8, 2020

Linear Actuators for Automated Packaging

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By Nick Novotny