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Commercial CC Series Actuator Accessories

Nook offers a variety of accessories that are specifically designed for the CC™ Actuators.


The CC™ Actuator can be provided with a custom fitted wiper to prevent moisture and debris from entering the rod end opening of the outer tube. It is ideal for dirty, harsh, and wet environments.

Gearbox Assemblies

CC Cylinders can also be fitted with a 1:1 Miter Gearbox, or a 5:1 or 20:1 Worm Screw Gear Box. 

110 VAC Rectifier

When 110 VAC input voltage is required, a DC motor can be supplied with a rectifier.


The CC™ Actuator can be fitted with boots to protect the extension tube and motor from contamination and the environment. Standard boots are are furnished with tie straps attached from convolution to convolution for uniform extension.


Hand Pendant

Nook hand pendants are used to remotely control CC Actuators in conjunction with a control panel and AC, DC, or Servo Motors.


Sensor options for the CC Actuator.

Mounting Brackets

Mounting options for the CC Actuator.

Light Duty Inline

For use with 750 lb capacity units.

Heavy Duty Inline

For use with 1500 lb capacity units.