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Programmable Linear Actuators

Nook Industries Programmable Linear Actuators are ruggedly designed for continuous duty, larger loads, long service life, and higher speeds. They incorporate a direct drive or toothed belt drive for high mechanical efficiency that allows for a quiet running performance. Programmable actuators are supplied with either a ball screw or acme screw, and either a servo or stepper drive system. 

Both ball screw and acme screw drives available

  • Ball screws are used on high-speed applications.
  • Acme screw actuators designed for lower duty cycles where self-locking is desired.

Nook Industries can provide a complete system from one source including motor, drive, controller, and power supply.

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Programmable Linear Actuator

Programmable Linear Actuator

Performance Characteristics

  • Rated for continuous duty (Servo driven ball screws).
  • Anti-rotation device integrated.
  • High mechanical efficiency.
  • Strokes up to 24 in.
  • Repeatability ± 0.004 in. up to ± 0.001 in.
  • Toothed belt drive (for parallel motor mounting).
  • Standard motor and gearhead flanges for simplified selection. Optional motors are available.
  • IP54 or IP65 (motor dependent)
  • Operates at speeds up to 25 inches per second
  • Long service life
  • Anti-rotation device integrated
  • Quiet running performance

Feedback Devices

Sensors & Transducers

Nook sensors are designed to meet the need for low cost position sensing on the PA Actuator™. It is highly accurate, with sensor repeatability up to ± .004” (0.1MM). This design allows users to install and adjust multiple sensors on a single actuator and integrate easily with a motion control system. 

Mounting Options