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Stepper Motors and Drives

These stepper motor products integrate seamlessly into existing Nook mechanical solutions that include:

  • Precision Metric Ball Screws (PMBS)
  • Modular Linear Actuators
  • ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jacks
  • PA Rod Style Actuator

Our engineers have years of experience that provides us with the flexibility to design, engineer and manufacture high quality linear motion solutions.

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Steppers and Drives


  • Integrated Stepper Motor
    Provide a motion control component combined with built-in index feedback. This allows for two-phase stepping along with a high performance drive and a 1000 line mapping encoder. These features offer a closed-loop, cost effective means to control a Nook mechanical solution.


  • Stepper Motors
    Nook offers a wide variety of two-phase, low-inertia stepper motors
    in three basic NEMA frame sizes. Eleven different step motors
    (NEMA 17, 23, & 34) are stocked and available for quick delivery.


  • Drives
    Four different high performance drives specifically tuned for use with Nook
    stepper motors based on the latest motion control technology. Advance features include reduced stepper noise, anti-resonance that optimizes torque and nulls mid-range instability to provide low-speed ripple smoothing and reduced motor heating.

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