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Position Heavy Loads at High Speeds

Palettizing systems with integrated handling create automated systems that are gentle on parts for optimum quality. These systems must execute linear movements precisely and reliably. In addition, they need to be space-saving and easy to integrate into existing structures. A high degree of flexibility is therefore vital. We supply linear axes and multi-axis systems that perfectly meet these requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Stacking
  • Picking
  • Unstacking
  • Clearing
  • Positioning
  • Centering 

With the objective of integrating the linear axes into the existing machine design in a space-saving and simple manner, Nook adapts the drive units to the exact needs of an application. The modular construction kit provides the required flexibility without compromising on standardization. This versatility makes it possible to seamlessly combine linear axes that are designed differently and dimensioned perfectly – up to the exact length.

Handling portals and palletizers are at the beginning and end of numerous production processes. The demands in terms of availability and service life are correspondingly high. Nook linear axes are designed to be highly robust and are customized to the specific task on site. 

Here’s another design detail: Nook linear axes are also statically optimized to meet the application requirements. It is particularly important in portal systems to keep an eye on bending forces. Accordingly, the extruded aluminum profiles for Y and X axes are also self-supporting over longer distances without additional support points.

Articulating robot arms are commonly used, but due to their large structural mass, they have limits to how fast they can process product into the correct position. The use of a Nook three-axis gantry can realize a significant increase in production output without damaging the product.  With the utilization of planetary gearboxes, servo motors and drives, a gantry system allows end users to modify the pallet stacking sequence without mechanical and software changes.

Advantages Include

  • Unlimited Customization
  • High Speed and Acceleration
  • Trouble-free Operation
  • Optimal Throughput
  • Maximum Precision
  • Outstanding and Accessible Technical Support
  • Premium Quality Product Portfolio
  • Easy Assembly with Extensive Accessories

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