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Labelling & Scanning

Flexibility for printing, labeling and scanning

Packaging systems are under strong demands to ensure the quality of primary, secondary and final packaging while at the same time maximizing production flow. These systems are commonly used throughout automated packaging applications to monitor, track and trace critical data to ensure quality while maximizing productivity.

Nook provides the accuracy, high speed and flexibility with minimal engineering effort for printing, labeling and scanning operations. This includes gantry systems with linear guide and ball screw components utilized on conveyors with visual recognition systems that transport items of varying size for printing (or scanning) while in motion.

3D printing is ideal when conventional manufacturing has reached its limits. These manufacturing processes are often used in prototype construction, for components with a high degree of customization, and with complicated geometries. 

Linear axis systems are an essential feature in 3D printers. They position the laser head in the portal group and feed in material layer by layer. Nook linear axes are used in a challenging environments that call for a high level of positioning and repeatability in non-stop, 24/7 operations.