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Box Forming & Wrapping

Box Forming

Nook products increase forming speeds while delivering longer cylinder life and the vertical thrust required to form trays and boxes from blank corrugated board stock This reduces changeover time between carton and/or box sizes while increased forming speeds for excellent throughput. 

Boxes and/or cases come in many shapes, sizes and styles, so box forming equipment must be capable of handling a variety of box forming requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Box Loading - Typically includes robotics and push bar.
  • Box Closing (gluing, tape, sealing)
  • Robotics - Equipped with special end of arm tooling to lift a finished roll from an accumulation conveyor and load it into a box (utilizes RFID technology). 
  • Double Rolls - Two rolls are positioned side by side before being pushed into an open box. The flattened boxes are automatically pulled out of the magazine, and formed into an open case.  


Nook linear motion solutions provide simple, high quality systems that can be built from standard components providing long life, and virtually no maintenance. Unmatched quality, low maintenance and scalable cost are illustrated in single axis motion systems for stretch wrapping applications that require the optimal balance of performance, life and total cost.

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