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Specialized Vehicles

Smooth and Dependable Performance for Mission Critical Systems

Why risk the safety of your troops to inferior designs? All Nook components are made in the U.S. with all operations under one roof. This allows for very tight control over materials and processes. For over 50 years Nook has delivered several smooth operating, rugged, and customized solutions to several leading Mobile Off Highway contractors. Nook solutions are always ready for quick deployment to adapt readily to the evolving needs of the military & defense market. 


Typical Applications

  • Armor Actuation
  • Vehicle Sub-Systems (Brakes, Suspension, Engine)
  • Seat Actuation
  • Communications Satellites
  • Trailer Hitches
  • Cargo Handling
  • Utility Actuation
  • Door/Hatch Actuation
  • Lift Mechanisms
  • Robotics

Types of Vehicles

  • Armoured fighting vehicle
  • Reconnaissance vehicle
  • Military light utility vehicle
  • Combat Engineering Vehicles
  • Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns (SPAAGs) / Self-Propelled Air Defense Systems (SPADS)
  • Military ambulances
  • Electronic warfare vehicles
  • Light rail vehicles
  • Armoured trains
  • Amphibious vehicle
  • Joint Light Tactical Vehicle