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Missiles & Guided Munitions

Synchronized with Precision

For optimal lift, guided munitions applications require fast, precise, synchronized operation during launch and flight.

Nook products deliver positioning accuracy and high load capability which are key factors for applications for the smart weapons market. These include low cost, autonomously controlled, adverse weather devices for bombs and missiles. 


Advantages Include

  • Optimal Efficiency
  • Low Power Requirements
  • Compact Design
  • Low Weight
  • Ease of Synchronization
  • Easily Adjusted Under Varying Loads
  • Precise Ability to Repeat

Nook ball screw systems provide highly accurate repeatability along any given position along the stroke.



Compact and Low Weight

Nook products are an integral part of for gun and linkless ammunition feed systems because they are compact, low weight, economic extremely and reliable. They are ideally suited for the highest speed firing mechanisms.

Applications Include

  • Air-to-air Missiles
  • Interceptors
  • Surface-to-air Missiles
  • Ship Borne Missiles