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Personal Mobility

Quiet, Safe, and Consistent Motion

A plethora of Nook ball screw assemblies and linear actuators are routinely used to properly adjust personal mobility equipment and ergonomic positioning devices for maximum comfort. These devices must routinely perform in varying environmental conditions (indoor, outdoor, terrain). These products are ideal for personal mobility device adjustments that require quiet, safe, and consistent movements such as tilt, recline, head and leg positioning. 

Typical Applications

  • Wheelchairs and Accessories (Power and Manual)
  • Power Scooters
  • Vehicle Lifts
  • Vehicle Ramps
  • Vehicle Controls (Throttle, Brakes)
  • Ergonomic Positioning
  • Seating, Transfer and Storage
  • Stair Lifts
  • Accessible Vehicles

Advantages Include

  • Transfer heavier loads (full patient weight) smoothly with minimal torque
  • Less Power consumption with reduced effort on power source (minimize battery drain)
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Positive, stepless adjustment with precision ball screws
  • Predictable and tightly controlled adjustment without sudden movemen