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Assembly, Packaging & Sorting

Reduce manufacturing costs with higher production rates

High functional integration is a primary characteristic of fully automated manufacturing lines. The key is to combine as many work steps as possible in a small space – and to then make the work cycle as fast as possible. With regard to the custom manufacture of products, adaptability and flexibility are also important for the manufacturing and assembly technology of tomorrow.

Nook products are ideal for automated assembly machines that require high reliability, efficiency, and positioning accuracy to reduce manufacturing costs by generating higher production rates.

Ultimately, it’s all about realizing requirements while collaborating perfectly together with the machine builder.


Typical Applications

  • Automotive
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Large Scale Production Lines


Advantages Include

  • Unlimited Customization
  • High Speed and Acceleration
  • Trouble-Free Operation (High Throughput)
  • Maximum Precision
  • Outstanding and Accessible Technical Support
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Linear Actuators for Automated Packaging